Use on HTC Touch Cruise P3650

Apr 20, 2010 at 12:16 PM

My goal: logging my gps location to be able to visualise my trip on google earth and geotagging my photos using geosetter

Installation was easy. The program was up and running in no time. Since the HTC is also running TomTOM6 finding the com port was no problem. I used it for 3 consecutive days, logging each time for several hours and these are my findings:

Switching between sitelites and normal operations had once completely blocked the system, I had to reset. Sorry but I did not copy the error message.

Logging starts correctly but seems to lock very often. I should have a log every minute but this not not the case. Very often there are delays from 2 or 4 minutes but ones even for 2 hours and then starts again without me doing nothing. I have the files available. The only concurent program running at the time is  Stay unlock to overide the protection imposed by the exchange server.

Using concurently TOMTOM results in a freese of the routeplanner from time to time, I suppose because he is trying to receive the GPS data, this version of tomtom does not permit to save GPSdata.

Using TomTom has never frozen my system.

Battery usage is more than acceptable. I did a 4 hours walk and battery consumption was about 8%. But this can be due to the fact the program is not logging every minute as it should.

During the test the HTC was attached to my belt or in the holder in my car when I was also using it as routeplanner.